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At our core, we are committed to investing in the pillars of entertainment: studios, intellectual properties (IPs), and media technologies. Our focus is on developing market-responsive commercial films, television shows, and gaming IPs, partnering with creators and studios renowned for their history of crafting award-winning and commercially successful projects. We believe in the power of innovation and creativity, and thus, we channel our investments into media technologies that empower creators to bring forth the next wave of groundbreaking content. Our strategy is designed to foster the creation of content that not only captivates audiences but also sets new standards in the entertainment industry. By supporting the fusion of talent and technology, we aim to contribute to the evolution of storytelling and entertainment experiences for a global audience.


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Studio Infrastrucure

Our investment focus lies in developing market-driven commercial film, TV, and gaming IPs, collaborating with creators and studios renowned for their ability to deliver award-winning and commercially successful content. Our portfolio encompasses a wide range of projects, including feature films, OTT/television series, and compelling documentaries. 

Content & IPs

The entertainment landscape is swiftly changing, unlocking new opportunities. We lead this change with AI-driven content production, advanced CGI, and immersive experiences. These innovations revolutionize content creation and audience engagement, offering deeper, interactive stories. Our investment in these technologies shapes a dynamic, captivating future for entertainment.

Media Tech

Our M&A team excels in identifying media companies ripe for acquisition, investment, and growth, focusing on those with potential and the right structure. They carefully assess market position, innovation, and scalability to pinpoint strategic investment opportunities. This approach, rooted in a deep understanding of the media industry, aims to broaden our portfolio and boost the value and influence of these entities, ensuring we partner with companies set for significant growth and success.


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