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About Us

Fifth Horizon stands at the forefront of shaping the future of entertainment, embodying a borderless vision for media companies. Our mission is to enable, finance, and empower creators, alongside the technologies and infrastructure that underpin the burgeoning global demand for entertainment. Our strategy is centered on investing in mid-size to large motion picture studios, utilizing both equity and debt instruments to partner with reputable companies and visionary founders.

Our commitment extends to nurturing market-driven commercial film, TV, and gaming IPs and content. We collaborate exclusively with creators and studios that boast a proven track record of producing content that is not only award-winning but also commercially triumphant. This ensures that our investments are not just financially sound but also culturally impactful.

Beyond content creation, Fifth Horizon is deeply invested in the technological advancements that redefine how stories are told. We invest in cutting-edge media technology that empowers creators to forge the next generation of content. Our focus is on innovative solutions that enhance storytelling and audience engagement, ensuring that our portfolio companies are at the vanguard of entertainment technology.

Diving into the heart of entertainment, we're all about fueling the engines behind studios, intellectual treasures (IPs), and the cutting-edge of media tech. It's our passion to cultivate commercial hits in film, TV, and gaming, teaming up with the creative powerhouses known for their knack in spinning tales that win hearts and awards alike. Innovation and creativity? They're our north stars, guiding us to pour resources into tech marvels that enable visionaries to craft the content of tomorrow.

Our  Focus

At Fifth Horizon, our vision is to be more than just a funding partner; We aim to be a catalyst for innovation, creativity, and success in the global entertainment landscape.


Our investments are carefully curated to foster growth, sustainability, and the continued evolution of the media industry, ensuring that we not only meet but anticipate the demands of tomorrow's audiences.

Our Vision 

Managing Director

Expertise: Investment Banking, Investment & Fund Management, Media Investments, M&A 

Nayan has many years of experience in the Investment Banking and Fund Management areas of the Financial Services industry, with a focus on the Global Management of Wealth. Starting his career path in 1994 as an analyst in Perpetual Investment Management, Nayan has worked with huge multinationals such as IBM, Nestlé, ABN AMRO and various other institutions in different capacities.

Being involved in the investment structuring and trading operations of corporations he focused on adding value in their day to day operations. Since 2009 he has created and managed many investment funds for listed and private securities across Asia and Europe, which resulted in over $250M current AuM in various funds and strategies including media, related infrastructure and content.

On a personal level, Movies and storytelling have always been central to Nayans passion 

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